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CareFirst Animal Hospital has made laparoscopic spay the standard of care for their clients. Joe Gordon, DVM discusses his adoption of the equipment along with demonstrating his technique for a 14 minute OVE.

This is an easily reproduced procedure that can be adopted by the general practice veterinary. The equipment is affordable and provides an avenue for a practice to provide superior care in the community.

vetOvation provides affordable minimally invasive equipment, training and support to help during the adoption of this technology. If you would like learn more about adopting this technology into your practice please give us a call at 919-247-0328 or email

About the smartScope video otoscope used in this video…

The vetOvation smartScope was developed to use your iPhone with a specially designed scope to examine a dog or cats ears or nose. This affordable easy to use system enables debris removal and lavage through a center channel in the scope. A specially designed APP enables capturing video and pictures that can be shared with a client.

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Clarence Rawlings, DVM, PhD, DACVS demonstrates a two port laparoscopic spay technique. During the procedure he is using the Miseal vessel sealing technology. This vessel sealer is designed specially for veterinary use and can be sterilized in a standard autoclave.

Please contact vetOvation if you would like additional learn more about introducing laparoscopic procedures into your practice. Please contact us at or 919-247-0328.


Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital located in N. Raleigh uses the vetOvation surgical system to perform many common procedures in a minimally invasive fashion. Dr. Amy Fear recently helped a few dogs from Saving Grace Animal Shelter by providing them a minimally invasive spay procedure. By performing the procedure through 2-3 tiny incisions the diameter of a straw the dogs experience less pain and have a quicker return to normal activity.
Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital is one of only a few hospitals in the region that offers this state of the art technology to all of their patients. If your family is looking to adopt a dog please visit Saving Grace then take your new pet to Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital for a FREE first time visit.

Many general practice veterinarians are adopting minimally invasive technology into their practice with the vetOvation surgical system. Offering clients an option that is performed through two or three incisions the size of a straw (5mm in diameter) is being widely accepted. Laparoscopy offers improved visualization, less tissue trauma and quicker return to normal activity for the patient.

Please contact vetOvation at 919-247-0328 or via email at for additional information on products and training to adopt these techniques.

Laparoscopic Gastropexy reduces gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) also known as bloating in large breed dogs. Many large chested dogs are prone to a digestive disorder called GDV or “bloat”. The condition occurs when the dog’s stomach fills with gas and twists, cutting off blood and oxygen to the stomach. This condition is extremely painful, and if not treated urgently will result in death.